Welcome to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Structural Bioinformatics

Our group are working at the cutting-edge of the modern biotechnology that integrates computational and experimental approaches for rational design of therapeutic small and biologic drugs. Biologic drugs such as proteins are medicinal products extracted from living systems. Unlike small molecular drugs, they are more specific to the intended target (i.e. less toxicity) and have enjoyed much higher success rate in every phase of clinical trials. However, unlike small molecules, biologic drugs are expensive to manufacture due to low yields. The objectives of our research in this area are to increase protein drug production by codon optimisation and to design peptides or proteins with specific therapeutic effects. In addition to working in the area of biologic drug discovery, our group is actively developing the next-generation computational technique for small-molecule inhibitor design. Another area of our research is to build an integrated, clinically useful tool for predicting disease susceptibility from individual genetic variations, the key element of the upcoming era of personalized medicine. These studies are built on many bioinformatics tools that have been established or to be established soon.

20+ Bioinformatics Tools

We have created over 20 different types of bioinformatic tools for protein sequence alignment, protein structural comparison, protein local structure prediction, protein structure prediction, protein function/interactions prediction, protein design, disease-causing genetic variation prediction, network graphs and folding kinetics. View and use tools online by Services.