Laboratory of Structural Bioinformatics and Design

Welcome to the Lab

Our group's research focuses on developing
and utilizing statistical mechanics theories,
bioinformatic, and simulation methods to
explain and predict the behavior of
biologically interesting macromolecules.
The current research program is aimed at
the understanding of the molecular
mechanisms and bioinformatic studies of
protein folding, stability, and binding of
ligands, peptides, and DNA. The long-term
goal of the proposed research is to elucidate
the relations between the sequence,
structure, and function of proteins and to
uncover the molecular mechanisms
underlying different diseases. This will be
achieved by designing simple (yet realistic)
models and by developing statistical
mechanics theories and bioinformatic tools.

20+ Bioinformatics Tools

We have created over 20 different types of
bioinformatic tools for scientific research,
including prediction/analysis tools for
secondary structures, tertiary structures,
interactions, network graphs and folding
kinetics. View and use tools online here.

Sequence, structure, function and design